David Strohm Jr. Electrocuted While Taking Sunset Photo In Tree

David Strohm, Jr. loved to photograph sunsets — and that love apparently led to his death.

The 28-year-old from Tustin, Calif., was found dead in that tree Sunday morning, apparently electrocuted when he touched a power cable running through the tree, Los Alamitos Patch reported.

Strohm had climbed the tree to get a better vantage point to photograph the sunset. Moments before the tragedy, Strohm posted a picture of his final sunset to his Facebook page.

When Strohm went missing, his family spent the evening looking for him, but never saw him because it was so dark.

His body was discovered the next day when a family member saw his cell phone on the ground below the tree, looked up and saw his lifeless body, according to Go Here KTLA-TV.

About 20 nearby homes in the area temporarily lost power because Southern California Edison officials shut down power to allow firefighters to safely remove Strohm’s body, the Orange County Register reported.

Strohm’s accidental death is not a freak thing according to Capt. Steve Concialdi, spokesman for the Orange County Fire Authority.

“If you touch an electrical line you can be electrocuted and you can lose your life,” he told the New their website York Daily News. “Stay away from electrical lines at all times. Do not be curious. Stay away from it even if you think it’s a cable line.”

Strohm’s neighbors told the Orange County Register that he was “just a nice kid” who helped neighbors and click to read more his family.

david strohm dad



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